Sunday, February 18, 2018


Turmoil only seeks to shake you up when things have become so comfortable that you're accepting adversity and heartache when you should be fighting back. 

Fate pushes her way in and causes clamorous uproar, cataclysmic upset, drama, pain and discord. 
All things designed to make the current status quo unbearable enough that you will stand on your own two feet and scream "Enough!"

What happens next? Generally there is a step system but no matter what the great minds say, they are never in a convenient sequential form. 

Anger, Sadness, triumph and defeat all rolled into one big mess of agony that you must endure before you can comfortably follow the grieving steps.

Then what? You're left with an empty hollow shell, do you remain one? Or do you fill yourself up again?

Careful now... these next moments are crucial! Whatever comes next is what begins the process of refilling, redefining yourself...

Who do you surround yourself with? Some go on great benders and fill themselves with loathing, trash and hate. This doesn't end the process but it prolongs it, requiring several more steps before the light is seen once more.

But the few, those who are stronger, they take the step back, evaluate, process, define.


When something ends, inevitably, something begins anew. 
It's up to us to decide what to accept and grow upon.

We need to equip ourselves to keep moving forward.
We deserve love, security, comfort.

Love is energy.

Let it recharge you.